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My latest creative project

Visitors to Cindy La Ferle's Mixed Media might not be aware of my newest passion and creative project -- so I want to share the news with all of you here. 

During a break from social media in the spring of 2016, I decided to create another blog to curate my own photographs along with quotations from my favorite authors, philosophers, poets, and artists. Something Beautiful Every Day grew from my personal challenge to focus on the beauty and magic of life’s ordinary moments, every single day -- for exactly one year. 
Vintage Canon / Cindy La Ferle

The new blog began as a private oasis that I'd planned to share with just a handful of close friends and family. But this summer, a newspaper columnist encouraged me to add a daily subscription option -- and to make the daily posts available to everyone.

It's the small, charming details that inspire me to reach for my camera everywhere I go .... A pair of weathered prom shoes left outside the door of an art gallery. The chipped paint on a set of vintage garden tools. Or the dance of sunlight on a bushel of apples at a roadside stand

Whatever the subject matter, all of the images on the daily photo blog document my personal life. Likewise, the quotes I've chosen reflect values I admire, goals I'm striving for, or issues I'm trying to sort through.

The seed for Something Beautiful Every Day was planted four years ago after my son Nate gave me a Nikon COOLPIX camera for Christmas. At the time, I was spending week after week in emergency rooms and nursing centers with my mother, who was battling vascular dementia and other chronic health problems. At the day’s end, I’d find comfort shooting still life photos with my little Nikon, then pairing them with the quotes I’d collected. A visual outlet for creative expression was exactly what I needed at a challenging time, and it’s a practice I continue today.

I'm not a professional photographer -- just a grateful observer. What I'm enjoying most about this year-long project is the way it inspires me to look outside myself and beyond my computer monitor. 

Something Beautiful Every Day has been featured in The Detroit NewsMichigan Prime, and HAP's Balanced Living magazine. To date, it's had over 25,000 page visits. My only wish is that the daily posts will lift your heart, get you thinking, or inspire you to appreciate the beauty and magic all around you. I hope you'll bookmark the page or subscribe to receive the daily inspirational posts in your email. Please click here to visit the new blog and invite your friends.


  1. Yes, your posts lift my heart and inspire me to the simple and everyday beauty. Moreover, you've inspired me to pick back up my camera and pair my interest in photography with my passion for Life Sketching (sketching daily life).

    1. Thanks for commenting, Cheryl -- I am so happy you are enjoying the blog, and that you are sketching. Take care!


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